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What readers are saying...

Whether you feel like laughs, romance, mystery, or fantasy, Karice writes in multiple genres and strives to please her readers!  With over sixty novels available, there's sure to be a series for you!


This was a page turner from start to finish!!! I loved all the quirky characters and literally fell in love with Grandma Millie & Izzy!!! I can’t wait to read book two!

Dash of Love

From the very first page I was hooked. Karice Bolton is such a good storyteller. She grabs your attention, pulls you in and takes you on a daring, spicy ride. Really good read!

Pinch of Love

Love the characters! They are very real & there is a lot of humor that is mixed with romance! Real life problems that give the characters food for thought. 

Forever Christmas

 I really enjoyed the opening of this story. It has it all, comedy, tragedy, healing and a HEA. Karice Bolton has a winner with Imagining You.

Imagining You

Coming Fall 2023!

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"karice writes the best romance novel"

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