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"This is my first cozy mystery and it won't be my last! I can't wait for the next book in this series. Such a fun story and great characters. I could hardly put it down until the surprising end." Amazon Reviewer, Wistful Dreamer

Karice Bolton writing as Poppy Bolton

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With a checkered employment history, an ex-boyfriend who thinks she is an ATM machine, and a crazy family that she misses dearly, Katie Chance can’t wait to start over in her hometown of Apple Grove.

What Katie doesn’t expect is to be thrown into the middle of the town’s first murder investigation or to nearly be run over by the murder suspect as he’s trying to flee town.
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Will Katie Chance be able to find her sister before it’s too late or has the murderer already found her?

When Katie Chance thinks she can’t handle one more missing cat case, the most unfortunate mystery unfolds right in front of Katie and Aunt Molly.

Katie’s sister has gone missing, but it isn’t until after her sister’s fiancé winds up dead!
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Katie Chance’s pet detective agency is bustling with new cases, and she finally feels like she belongs in her hometown of Apple Grove.

But when a pup turns up at the agency’s doorsteps with a note attached, she begins to wonder if the message is being sent to her. And it seems someone wants her out of this town!
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