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Hidden Sins (Book 1) is currently FREE!

Hannah has managed to put the horrors of the past behind her. To most, it looks as if Hannah Walker is living her dream. About to graduate from nursing school with honors and several job prospects in front of her, everything in life is exactly as she planned. She hopes that taking a job abroad will give her that final boost of courage to finally put behind her the fantasy of the man she once loved.

Luke Fletcher has been on the hunt for people who don't want to be found, and with every passing day away from his old life, the longing inside of him grows to reclaim the woman he let slip away. But he knows that's not possible. Not unless he's able to redeem himself to the woman and life he left behind will he find peace again. But is it too late for redemption?

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Finding Love in Forgotten Cove - July 29th




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Beyond the Mistletoe

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