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Jewels' Story

Jewels Jennings—zippy librarian by day and book blogger by night—came back to the one and only place beyond the pages of a book that has given her happiness, Fireweed Island. Years ago, she tore off the island in a speedboat with the man she was supposed to marry in tow and a vow never to return to small-town living . . . only to return with her tail between her legs, newly divorced, and completely skeptical of anything resembling love. She prefers to stick to the men between the pages of her latest read rather than waste time in the real world.

Jake Harlen fled to Fireweed Island with the hopes of forgetting his past and the mistakes he’s made over the years. He’s been busy carving out a life that anchors him far away from people and the complications they always manage to deliver. He likes his life, manages it with the care it deserves, and is content in his single ways until he is goes on a rescue call and meets the town librarian.

When Jewels finds her life hanging in the balance more than once, Jake is the only one who can save her, but neither of them realizes the magic of love that Fireweed is determined to deliver and only one of them is ready to accept it. 

Sophie's Story

All stories in Island County can be read as stand-alone novels!

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