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Christmas is coming to Fireweed Island! Holly Wildes is excited to spend the holidays alone in a calm and peaceful setting with no pesky neighbors, no annoying bosses, and absolutely no horns honking or sirens blaring at three in the morning.

After seven years of giving her all to a top investment firm in Manhattan, her holiday bonus included a pink slip and a rather slim severance package. So when her sister, Maddie, promises the perfect opportunity to work at her tea shop, Holly jumps at the chance to start over. 

What Holly doesn’t expect is to live across the street from one of the sexiest men she’s ever encountered. Thankfully, he seems too busy to notice her, and around town, she begins to learn that Nick is anything and everything but a saint. He is definitely not a complication she needs in her life, especially with her parents coming to town.

Nick always thought he was content in life. He has a thriving business, enjoys the perks of being a bachelor, and never has to think twice about doing what he wants when he wants. That all changes once Holly moves in across the street. All she has to do is throw a smile in his direction, and he knows his life is forever changed.

The only problem is that she doesn’t seem to know he exists. 

All stories in Island County can be read as stand-alone novels!

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