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Sophie Bristol works two jobs--sometimes three--and is surrounded by people falling in love and that's great. Really, it's great. It's not like she ever thought she'd find that perfect someone. After all, she learned he probably only exists in some far away land with talking wildlife and glass slippers, and that works perfectly for her busy schedule. Not to mention she experienced the worst divorce in island history between her parents, and she got to be there for every painful second to warp her view on the subject. And let's not forget her stepmom has only learned to like Sophie once she began helping take care of her dad after his stroke.

So to say love isn't a priority is an understatement. Life hasn't been easy, not that she ever expected it to be, and she's fine with the hand she's been dealt.

Really, she is fine. But when Sophie falls for a rock star, it will take more than a fairy godmother to make love work in the real world.

Sophie's Story

All stories in Island County can be read as stand-alone novels!

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