Karice Bolton



with love

The island getaway is supposed to be Emma Walton’s last celebration before she heads to college. She imagines glamping in a beautiful setting, complete with a summer fling. But when Emma lands in the middle of nowhere on a tiny, remote island in Alaska, she learns nothing is as it seems. Even Liam, her new crush, seems to be keeping something from her.

Freak and unexplained accidents begin plaguing the camp, and Emma realizes no one is safe. As each incident becomes more violent, she must face that there is something lurking deep in the woods whispering, taunting, and picking each of them off one by one.

The message is clear. Unless Liam and Emma can stop whatever evil lurks in the woods, they won’t make it off the island alive.

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Whispers in the Woods: The Camp

Whispers on Campus: The Dorm

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