The moment I took the undercover assignment, my world turned upside down. I can’t trust anyone and there is nowhere to run because they will find me. I won’t fool myself into believing Devin Volkov suddenly has a heart of gold. He doesn’t. It’s not in him. 

Instead, I’m faced with falling deeper into a world where there is no way out, where the thin line between good and evil doesn’t even exist.

The only way to survive is to take down Devin Volkov, the one man who hasn’t turned his back on me when everyone else has.



When Avery Hill came into my world, nothing else mattered. For once, I didn’t want to be the man I’d become. I stopped drinking, stopped chasing women, and let myself pretend that I could have a normal life.

An ordinary life, where there is no arguing how thin the line is between good and evil.

But that isn’t my life. I was born into the V Mafia, and everyone wants a piece of me, except Avery Hill. . . 
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I was living my dream, playing soccer professionally, enjoying life on the road, and staying far away from my family, but all that came crashing down around me the night of my injury. Life as I knew it was over.

It wasn’t until Ava Dalton came bounding into my world that hope came back, but she brought with her a dark secret. The injury was no accident. Ava knew who stole my dreams—my future—away from me.

My family was ruthless and coldhearted, and I always thought I wasn’t one of them. My family always had a habit of destroying everyone in their path. 

They were the V Mafia. 

I was the good guy.

Until this happened.

Now, I wanted to make the man pay who shattered my world.

Yet, life isn’t that simple. Not when you fall in love with a woman like Ava Dalton. An angel who makes me want to become a better man, but she has her own secrets. The demons that follow her wherever she goes will not stop until they claim her...
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Sometimes people come into your world and wreak havoc. They leave a mark that can’t be removed. That mark for me was Drake Volkov. 

I didn’t know my introduction to the New York art world would begin with a sexy as hell stranger at a masquerade ball. Everything about this guy screamed sex and danger, and I knew I should run in the opposite direction. 

It didn’t help that he was the man my brother asked me to keep an eye on. Why? I had no idea—just another perk of having a brother in the private security business. 

I’d been told Drake was heartless and ran the streets of Manhattan. They said he was vicious, ruthless, unrelenting, and a player with a heart of stone.

But the stories didn’t line up with the man I’d come to know.

Drake protected me in my darkest hour. He sheltered me from the very viciousness the world accused him of.

They were wrong.

He became my secret—my hidden obsession—and sinful addiction. I wasn’t reckless, but I was falling in love with a man who was....
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